Personal Care Assistant

Our Personal Care Assistance (PCA) services are centered on you, ensuring that your individual needs are met so you can feel comfortable within your own home. Following your personalized plan of care developed by our compassionate Qualified Professionals, our trained PCAs can assist you with your day-to-day living activities.

245D Services

Our 245D program is a licensed Home and Community Based Program, providing Basic Services in a manner that supports the individual’s preferences, daily needs, and activities needed to accomplish their personal goals.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing Care is for those who need ongoing long-term nursing care or for those who need short-term concentrated rehabilitation while recovering from surgery or an illness. Mark Your Home Health Care provide the sophisticated medical services and 24-hour supervision needed by residents with serious health challenges.

Medication Management

If you help care for an aging loved one, or are advancing in age yourself, you may have heard of the importance of medication management. As people age, they can develop multiple chronic conditions, which may require several prescription drugs from more than one prescriber. With this situation, there comes an increased risk of drug interactions, side effects, and accidentally missing or doubling doses. Medication management is a set of practices to prevent these things from happening.